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Welcome to the Cibola web site!

For a number of years in the 1950s and 1960s, Sandy and Eleanor Orr ran Cibola, a summer camp in New Mexico, which was attended by high school students from Washington D.C. and other cities.  Many Cibola campers from Washington were also students at The Hawthorne School, a small progressive high school founded by the Orrs in 1956.

This web site is an offshoot of the Hawthorne School web site, and at the moment the two are still somewhat entangled with each other, so please be patient. Dana Sawyer (Hawthorne 1965) created and has maintained both sites for all these years.

If you are an alumna or alumnus of Cibola and you are not already in Steve Knapp's contact database, please send an email to him at the address below. Steve is trying to maintain an up to date database of contact information.

New and Noteworthy

1987 Orrs Visit Cibola

Eleanor and Sandy visited the ranch, San Cristobal, and Taos in 1987.

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Their write-up is near the bottom of the list.

Secret Files Uncovered!

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Still Headmaster, Sandy hands out her Hawthorne file to Bronwin Stickney at the 2013 Gathering.
EOrr at Her Wedding to Sandy.

The photo that had been here was misidentified by the sender, according to family members. We appreciate submissions from the community, and we depend on its collective memory. April-June, 2014.

The Legacy of Cibola
Steve Knapp has drafted an essay describing Cibola and its importance. The lastest version may be found here.

As of July 2010, Steve Knapp is attempting to maintain the Cibola web site, unloading the everyday responsibility from Dana Sawyer's shoulders.
Send in your photos and reminiscences. Steve may be contacted at the address below.

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